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My work

As a passionate and dedicated UX designer, I am proud to present the projects that I have worked on and the impact they have made. Each project is a testament to my commitment to creating seamless and user-centered experiences. From concept to launch, I take a hands-on approach to every project, collaborating with stakeholders to turn ideas into reality. Take a look at some of my favorite projects and see for yourself the creative solutions I bring to the table.




Job: UX/Product designer

Designing a product that can help improve learning outcomes for primary students is a challenge I was eager to take on. Working with Leeruniek, a start-up focused on bringing learning analytics to primary education, was a unique opportunity to make a real impact not only in terms of product design, but also in terms of service design.

Starting with research and analysis

Before diving into the design process, I conducted thorough user research to understand the needs of teachers, students, and administrators. This involved conducting interviews and surveys, analyzing data, and synthesizing insights. The research helped me to define the problem and create a clear understanding of the user's needs and motivations. Additionally, I took a service design approach to research and analyze the user's entire experience with the product, from onboarding to usage, to ensure that the solution not only met their needs but also provided a seamless and enjoyable experience.


Prototyping and usability testing

With a deep understanding of the users' needs, I started to create prototypes to test different solutions. This allowed me to validate my design decisions and make changes based on feedback from users. I ran multiple rounds of usability testing to refine the designs and ensure that the end solution would meet the needs of the users. In parallel, I also optimized the onboarding and training processes for new schools and users to ensure that they had a smooth and successful experience with the product.


Final designs and implemantation

The final designs for Leeruniek's learning analytics platform were based on a user-centered approach that ensured that the solution was accessible, intuitive, and effective. The designs were implemented by the development team, and the platform was launched successfully, making a positive impact on primary education. I also helped with optimizing the ongoing support and training processes to ensure that the users continued to have a seamless experience with the product.

Used skills

Service design

Product design


UI design

See more of my work?

If you'd like to see more of my work or meet for a coffee, feel free to reach out to me directly or through the form below. I'll be sure to respond promptly to your message.

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